Dipping Cordillera Models


Dipping Cordillera Models


The goal of the models in this section is to

  1. Produce delamination with uplift similar to the magnitude and timing observed in the Cordillera.
  2. Retain some fragment in the upper mantle after delamination to be compared to the tomography

As a starting point I ran a simplified forward model of a normal thickness plate colliding with a wedge shaped craton by means of an imposed surface velocity. This model was computationally time intensive and prone to non convergence. 

This starting model gave me a geometry to start new models (so as to avoid the above problem in the testing phase) in the absence of imposed plate velocity and in order to test the parameter space needed to achieve goal 1&2.

This starting model implies that if a normal lithosphere was driven into a wedge shaped craton you would thicken the upper crust, lower crust and lithosphere similar to a  dipping cordillera into a wedge shaped craton.

The intent of this modeling is to test in low resolution for the behaviour I prefer, test at high resolution to reproduce the results I want and then move to fully evolving models, plate smash, crust thickening and delamination occuring.

In these models posted in this section, I have experimented with heating from below and imposing plate velocities in low resolution models but on reflection it is probably better to run models without too many parameters before the key rheologic and density parameters are found to produce the desired result. Sensitivity testing can be run later.

Note, resolution is important in delamination as small scale convection along the lower crustal boundary drives the delamination (propagation). So the results at high resolution will still need to be iterated upon for best fit and will not be replicas of low res.

Testing suduction scenario:




OK now testing dimensional verison of this code


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