Prairie Mountain, Bragg


Prairie Mountain, Bragg


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2-4 hours

Elevation gain: 661m (my garmin)

Total elevation: 2166m (my garmin)

Distance: 7.53kms (my garmin)

Getting here

Take 66 towards the mountains ( I come from Bragg Creek). Its a way up the road at the winter gates at the Elbow Falls turnoff.

Park at the parking lot beside the Beaver Lodge turn off.

This trail is one of those hidden ones. So once you have parked at the parking lot, you cross the road. You will walk back along the road toward the winter gates and you will notice you cross a stream called Prairie Creek. Once you have crossed the stream the trail goes straight up the ridge in front of you. What is clugey about this is that there is a map panel that shows all sorts of stuff except the trail up prairie mountain. What's up with that Canada!


Perfect for the dog. 

My description

It is steep and pretty much the first amount of climbing you do is fairly indicative of what is left to come. I didn't find it hard but it is relentless for 3km. We did it in mist so there was no payoff at the end except for mild bragging rights. Boo. Would do again for views. Once you are through the climbing and nearing the summit it opens in to a nice meadow and then you only have a short way up to the cairn with flag.

Very low cost of entry with its proximity to Calgary.

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