Mount Lady Macdonald, Canmore


Mount Lady Macdonald, Canmore


Trail descriptions

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6-7 hours. Difficult hiking. 


Apparently dog friendly but only to the tea house. However it is a very bear active area.

Getting there

On the TransCanada highway heading West, take the off-ramp in Canmore north towards the Silvertip resort on Palliser Trail. Follow Palliser Trail road up to the junction and take left to Benchlands Trail road. Just before the bridge on the left along Elk Run Boulevard, you'll reach the Parking by Cougar Creek. Try to get in early as the parking lot fills up with many people using the various trails in the area. 

Alternate parking could be on the side streets or nearby business area on Benchlands Trail. The June 2013 flood destroyed the Cougar Creek trail leading to the Lady Mac trailhead, so need to walk on a bed of rocks along the left side passing by houses heading north and just around the bend, head towards the forest where a pink strip tied to a tree leads you to a trail. For first-timers, follow a trail close to the edge until you see a marked Trailhead sign where Lady Mac trail is to your left. Note that there are other trails deep in the forest (bike and Montaine Traverse) before the Lady Mac trailhead. 

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