Ha Ling Peak, Canmore


Ha Ling Peak, Canmore


Trail descriptions

Link to trail description.


4 hour round trip but its a workout.

Distance: 6.5 km (ref Bob Spirko)

Elevation gain: 730m (ref Bob Spirko)


No way. It is too rough at the top and the sheer drop is insane.

Getting there

So it is pretty easy. Just go up the spray lakes road out of Canmore and park at the E Rundle parking lot. It is really obvious. Ha Ling will be on the left across the road. 

My description

Steep climb, icy at top but incredible. It may not be icy in the summer. I hiked this at the end of September. The switch backs are incessant. I definitely think it is useful to have lots of water, hiking poles, microspikes just encase, and you will need a jacket and gloves for the top if you want to lunch there as it can get really really cold pretty quickly.

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