Mount Indefatigable, Kananaskis

Mount Indefatigable, Kananaskis


Trail Descriptions

Link to trailpeaks description

Link to hiking with barry ugh!

Link University of Calgary


Shorter hike - 4hours. It takes a little longer to get there from home ~2 hours.


Looks OK for the dog. But not to do the loop.

Getting There

Drive down highway 40 from Canada 1.  Head to the Kanninaskis Lakes on highway 40. The trail starts at the upper Kanninaskis upper lake north parking lot. Head up the north trail and cross the concrete bridge. The trail head starts less than 100 M from the bridge (your first right). The trail head is a bit overgrown and has large rocks blocking it. Once you get past it it opens up and is very well maintained. 

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