Lydia DiCaprio

I am a geoscientist who recently moved to the beautiful city of Calgary. I have a PhD in Geophysics from The University of Sydney and I spent 7 years in the oil and gas industry in Houston. My research focused on convective and plate scale processes and I continue to be interested in the evolution of earth and rift systems. 

Lydia at Cascade Ampitheatre, Banff, Canada

Please use this page to find out more about me and what I can do. Beneath the categories below are links to my resume, a talk, publications, and professional training, conference presentations, scholarships etc.


General professional resume: DiCaprioResume_2017.doc or DiCaprioResume_2017.pdf

Oil professional resume: pdf or as a doc

Academic resume: pdf or doc

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A short talk about my PhD work

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A list of my professional training

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[citation count as at Feb 2016]


  1. DiCaprio, L., Gurnis, M., Mueller, R.D., Tan, E., "Mantle dynamics of continent-wide Cenozoic subsidence and tilting of Australia", Lithosphere, 3, 311-316,2011 [14 citations]

  2. DiCaprio, L., Mueller, R.D., Gurnis, M., "A dynamic process for drowning carbonate reefs on the northeastern Australian margin", Geology, 38, 11-14, 2010 [21 citations]

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  5. Heine, C., Mueller, R.D., Sterinberger, B., DiCaprio, L., "Integrating deep Earth dynamics in paleogeographic reconstructions of Australia", Tectonophysics doi:10.1016/jtecto.2009.08.028 2010[40 citations]

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  8. PhD Thesis: "The Geodynamic History of the Australian Region Since the Cretaceous", Lydia DiCaprio 2009

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Scholarships awarded for my PhD studies

  • The Edgeworth David Travelling Scholarship (2008)
  • Postgraduate Research Support Scheme Scholarship (2008)
  • Caltech Womens’ Center travelling grant (2007) 
  • Postgraduate Research Support Scheme Scholarship (2006) 
  • Australian Postgraduate Award  (2005)

Scholarships based on my undergraduate performance

  • The Deans List of Academic merit (2005)
  • The Deas Thompson Geology Scholarship  (2005)
  • The Edgeworth David Traveling Scholarship (2005)
  • Elliston Medal (2004)
  • Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics Grant  (2004) 
  • Fugro Geophysics Scholarship (2004)
  • Hydrographic Society Education Award (2004)
  • Leo A Cotton Prize in Exploration Geophysics (2004)
  • Marine Geophysics Achievement Award (2004)
  • The Marine Sciences Prize (2004)
  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) Study Grant (2004) 
  • Earth Resources Foundation Geology Scholarship  (2004,2003,2002)

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  • L.J.DiCaprio (2009) , PhD Thesis “The Geodynamic history of the Australian Region Since the Cretaceous”

  • N. F. Exon, P. J. Hill, Y. Lafoy, G. Burch, A. Post, C. Heine  P. Quilty, R. Howe, and L.J. Taylor (2005): The geology of the Kenn Plateau off northeast Australia: results of the Southern Surveyor Cruise SS5/2004 (Geoscience Australia Cruise 270). Record 2005/4,  Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia. 

  • L. J. Taylor (2004) Surface expressions of mantle driven topography north and east of Australia: A synthesis of observations from wells and seismic data with tomography and geodynamic models, Honors Thesis

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